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english assignment

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But will the school be ready for him? The process starts with his dad. Silvia koch: Parents are just that part of the learning equation that we cannot do without. You know, its the child, the parent, the teacher. Theyre the three most basic components. Narrator: The interview gives Arlington some important information about Marlon, like the fact that hes been to school in the United States for a year already. Speaking Spanish Silvia koch: we look not only at the academic background but we also look at the whole child. We look at his health situation.

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Silvia koch: Intake center is the place where children who speak another language or have another language background enter school. Narrator: The Intake center stays very busy. Arlingtons English language learners speak 104 languages and essay come from 122 different countries. Teacher: Most of the children speak spanish. But those kids are very diverse, too, both culturally and economically. Teacher: Children from the middle class have had certain experiences that other students may not have had. Theyve been to museums. They have been read to in their own language. Narrator: Marlon is from Honduras. He looks like hes ready for school.

That is, if were going to make inferences from test data then we need to make sure that line those inferences about where these students are, what theyve learned, and what they havent learned, that these inferences are accurate. And the only way youre going to get accuracy if you either use the language of instruction that these students are familiar with or use different kinds of assessments that more closely relate to instruction. Delia: okay, so how would a school handle a new student? Lets take a look at a real-life example. Video, narrator: Eight-year-old Marlon Escobar Lopez has an important appointment today. Hes checking into his new school system in Arlington, virginia. Hes at the Arlington Intake center where staff will figure out exactly what he needs from his new teachers.

english assignment

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Delia: you used the word "disaggregation" awhile ago, which is probably something a lot of our audience is hearing about. Whats the key thing about disaggregation thats important about English language learners in the context of no child Left Behind? Pierce: In the context of no child Left Behind, disaggregation means the ability to find book out how role specific populations are doing with regard to approaching learning goals and objectives. So its very important not to just mix in the English language learners with native speakers, but to pull out that data and information on all English language learners in the school system to find out how this group is progressing as a group from. Delia: so then how does assessing English language learners become an important piece of what were doing? Why is it especially important? Pierce: Its especially important when we talk about accuracy. And accuracy is another word for validity.

And so the good news is we do have accountability requirements for monitoring the progress of these students. The bad news is that most school systems take the approach that one size fits all. And so the same tests that are used with native speakers of English are now being used with English language learners for the most part. And those are not appropriate, because of the language difference. And then, in the case of states that are developing native language assessments, this is still in kind of an — kind of an emerging field. Theres not a whole lot of research out there on native language assessments for accountability at the state level. So you see a lot of states kind of searching for answers, and the whole field is evolving. So its a very challenging aspect there, to get issues such as accountability and reliability and validity, important measurement issues addressed at these levels of assessment.

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english assignment

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Delia: And edition is that a formal process that we use? Because it seems to me that teachers are gathering information on kids all the time. It can be formal or informal. At the classroom level, itll most likely be informal. And it must take the place of some kind of observation on the part of the teacher and then translating the observation to some kind of documentation.

Delia: so its very broad. Pierce: Well, the assessment itself has become a key issue when we look at no child Left Behind, and when we look at Adequate yearly Progress, which is another term we toss around a lot. What can you tell us about how assessment fits into no child Left Behind in general, and to Adequate yearly Progress, or ayp, which well try not to use, adequate yearly Progress well say. Delia: In particular, how is that interaction taking place when you look at assessment, and then also when you look at the context of the characteristics of these children? Pierce: Well, i think theres good news and theres bad news. I think the good news is at last we have some requirements on the part of the federal government and the states following those requirements, for accountability, accountability for the learning of English language learners who, for the longest time, have been an invisible student. But now this proposal is no longer allowed.

How does that play into it? How does that make a big difference? Pierce: Well, research tells us now, we have pretty clear evidence that says a child who brings native language literacy to the classroom has a tremendous advantage over the child who does not bring any kind of significant amount of native language literacy. So what we want to determine then when a child comes to the classroom is whether or not they have literacy in the native language. And if they do, then we can use that as a building block to acquiring English as a second language literacy.

Delia: makes a lot of sense. So, it seems like assessment would be particularly important for this group. What exactly do you mean by assessment? We toss that term around all the time. What are we talking about when we talk about assessment? Pierce: yeah, assessment basically is the gathering of data, information, on a students learning or knowledge or skills. And with regard to reading, its what kind of information do we have on the students reading skills and ability?

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But the more distance between their language, such as Russian, or Arabic, or Turkish, the more distance there is between the written language and working the spoken language and English, the more challenge there might be in learning the English language. So thats — and that's the language part. The cultural part comes where children are raised in a home where they are maybe given a rather passive role, and theyre taught to also go to school and just do what the teacher tells you, and not really engage or ask questions. And report so the teacher may get the impression that these children are passive, or even not interested, or not making the effort, when really its a cultural upbringing issue. Delia: so the culture really reflects the styles of the different children and what their family values and what childrearing styles. Childrearing definitely has an impact on the childs behavior and performance in the school. Delia: And finally, previous education.

english assignment

And then finally, the previous educational experience that these children bring may include literacy, or not literacy. And this is a very important variable in assessing students. Delia: youve brought up lots of characteristics. Could you go back and define — give us a little more information on each one. Language, could you define how that would be different? What we would see there. What a teacher might see. Pierce: Well, children who speak english as a second language, or bilingual children, come from, you know, over 100, 200 different language backgrounds. And what we know is the closer the language is to English, such as a romance language, the easier it would be for that child to acquire the language.

English language learners, some of the characteristics that make teaching — make teaching them challenging. Lorraine valdez pierce: Well, there are three big areas that make teaching English language learners challenging. The three areas are language, culture, and previous educational experience. So when it comes — when were talking about assessment, language is right up there as one of the big three with regard to the difference in language between the language that they speak and the language that theyre being assessed or tested. Then theres culture, which will maybe lead to some differences in classroom behavior from what native speakers would be producing or preparing. But then theres also the parental role. When parents come from different cultures they may be less eager to run and participate in the American public school system.

Code of Student Conduct, a community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. At Old Dominion University, student members of the community are expected judy to uphold and abide by standards of conduct that form the basis of the code of Student Conduct. Review policies and procedures for managing student conduct while teaching. Being a monarch has its privileges. Help students follow Old Dominion University's Code of Student Conduct and the enjoy the privileges. More, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Student Conduct academic Integrity. Delia pompa: Hello, im Delia pompa. Welcome to this years first Colorín Colorado webcast. Today, were going to talk about assessment for English language learners.

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Skip to main content, full Description, teach this topic. Lesson ideas, create quiz, you've accessed a my brainpop feature! If you have a brainpop teacher account, log. Learn how teachers can make brainpop-style assessments by using the, quiz lost mixer with. The Office of Student Conduct academic Integrity is now located at 2124 Monarch Hall (formerly the Old Education building). Our phone number, fax number, and e-mail address remain the same. The Office of Student Conduct academic Integrity (oscai) oversees the administration of the student conduct system as outlined in the code of Student Conduct. Through our interactions with students, we hope to foster a climate of personal and academic integrity that facilitates the success of all University community members.

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