Short essay on save energy

short essay on save energy

Essay on save earth for Children and Students

We should teach simple methods of water saving to our children, women and other members of the family like turning off all the taps tightly after each use, using sprinklers to water the lawn, giving bath to pets in the lawn, repair of all the. We should also practice keeping the river (especially ganga) water clean and safe for future use and safety of water animals. Conclusion, water is known as the elixir of life, so we should save it to save life on the earth. We need water for many purposes in our daily walks of life. So, we should understand the value of water drops and save. Save water Article 3 (600 words). Introduction, water is an urgent necessity of life in all the areas of work like household, agriculture, domestic, industry, etc.

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In some cities like bangalore people have to buy water bottles worth. 30 to drink clean water. People face more problems during summer months when the daily need of water increases. Recently, it is studied that around 25 urban population lacks availability to clean drinking water. In some areas, the privatization of water bodies is the main reason of water scarcity. How to save water, there are different methods we can follow to save clean drinking water to deal with the water scarcity. Rain water harvesting is one of the most effective and suitable method among save water techniques. Afforestation is also best method as it reduces the surface runoff and recharges the ground water. It promotes underground water conservation. By practicing such methods we can conserve more water naturally and ensure the availability of it for future generations. We should take a pledge and make a lifelong motto memoir of save water, save life, save earth.

People at many places in India and other countries are facing a huge water scarcity. They have to depend on the government water supply by short tanks or some natural water reservoirs at long distance. They have to go for a long distance on daily basis to arrange drinking water. They better understand the value of water than the people who have sufficient water supply in their areas. The situation of lack of water becomes very terrible for the people who dont have enough water to fulfill their basic needs of drinking, bathing, washing, etc. India is one of the countries worldwide facing huge level water scarcity today. Places in India like rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat are facing water scarcity where women and girls of the houses cover a long distance on bare foot to just get a pot of water.

short essay on save energy

Short Essay - is Science boon

Introduction, water is the basic requirement of our body and thus life. Water is also named as life because of being important element for all the living beings. Noting can survive without water on the earth. Three-fourth part of the earth is water however only 2 of the water is usable for. At some places in India, people face water scarcity and draught condition whereas, in other places there is plenty of water available. So, the people living in areas with plenty of water must realize its importance and save water. Why to save water, we are living in the time when we need to save clean water and use it according to our use only.

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short essay on save energy

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Three-fourth part of the earth is full of water however we need to conserve water as there is very less percentage of clean water. Importance of Clean Water, without water life is not possible on the earth. All the living beings like human, animals, plants, etc need water to grow, develop and live. Water is the only source of all lives here. We need water in all the walks of life from morning till night like drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes, watering plant, home etc. People working in different fields need water for different purposes such as farmers need water to grow crops, gardeners to water plants, industrialists for industry work, electricity plants to generate hydro-electricity, etc. So, we should save clean water for the wellness of our future generations and healthy life of water and wildlife animals.

People at many places of the world are suffering water scarcity or completely lack of water in their regions. Conclusion, we should understand the importance of water in our life and stop misusing it with the proper management of usage of water. We should also protect clean water from being dirty due to the soil or water pollution. We should not waste it into toilet and store rain water for this purpose. Save water Article 2 (500 words).

So, we should not waste clean water and save it for future generations. We should change our bad habits into positive ones and spread awareness among people about the importance of clean water. We should promote the less use and saving of clean water to maintain the continuity of life on the earth. We have provided below some short and long articles on save water to help students as they generally get assigned by their teachers to write articles either in 300, 500, 600 or 800 hundred words. Article writing is now in trend in the schools and colleges during any event celebration. It is performed to enhance the English writing skill and knowledge of the students about any topic.

All the save water articles are written very simply. So, you can select any article according to your need and requirement: save water Article 1 (300 words). Introduction, water is the precious gift of God on the earth. Life exists on the earth because of the availability of water. Itself being tasteless, odorless and colorless, it adds taste, color and nice smell in the life of living beings on the earth. It is found everywhere and known as life. It takes nothing from us but gives life. It has no shape but takes the shape of container we store. We find it everywhere in rivers, seas, tanks, wells, ponds, etc but we lack clean drinking water.

Article on save water

Man is a logical being. It is possible blume for everyone to save himself from the odds. Only through this way, he can win and control everyone on the globe. Only wisdom can help a man to conquer the world. Science without conscience is death of the soul. Earth is the only known planet in this universe where life is possible only because of the availability of water and oxygen. Water is most important necessity of life for all the living beings on the earth. Without water no one can exist even for a day. We also know that there is very less percentage of clean water means drinking water available on the earth.

short essay on save energy

Destructive weapons like guns, rifles, atom bombs etc. Are also came business from Science. It is science that gave us different types of power like electric power and nuclear power. If all these powers and weapons are not used in a negative way, there is nothing to fear. But, unfortunately these all powers are destructing our Earth. Can anyone think that there are no chances of such horrible destruction of an Iraq again? If it happens, how can be science beneficial for mankind?

medical field enough advanced that today the average life of a human being has raised to 90 years. Science also worked for plant life as well and now we have enough food for all. We have enough clothing and better security too. This all became possible due to science and technology. Computers, cell phones, tv and Radios are all products of Science. So, it is very easy to conclude that Science is beneficial for mankind. Advertisements: There is also another side of the coin.

We get doubts; what are they? These concerns are the primary seed products for technology. First start from thinking, reasoning, research, features, evaluation and distinction and lastly the fact comes out. According to Scientists, there is a scientific method for everything and there are unavoidable actions to be followed: advertisements: (1) Statement (2) Speculation (3) Experiment (4) Concept and (5) evidence. All researchers have in a way tnt followed this scientific method. The basic aim of Science is to look for reality and to find those factors, formally uncommon. A scientist cannot accept the principles, usually because; they were accepted by others formerly. Great discoveries are always coming from reasoning.

Long and short articles for

Advertisements: read this short essay on Is Science boon or Bane. We live in the era of modernism and technology. We cant live our lives without the support of modern science. Image courtesy : g, advertisements: Today, science has so much involved in our life that it is really hard to imagine living without the science. Every part of life whether it is food or recreation is related to science and its various ways. To decide that whether science is a boon or a bane for mankind is not a simple decision. We should first look for the exact meaning of science. A systematic classification of experiences is called as scientific. We surprise many times at various events happening plan around us due to technology and science.

Short essay on save energy
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  5. We cant live our lives without the support of modern science. Pte academic most repeated essay writings with helpful tips provided and essay solution to form a complete essay using the hints given. John Locke (1632—1704) John Locke was among the most famous philosophers and political theorists of the 17 th century. He is often regarded as the founder of a school of thought known as British Empiricism, and he made foundational contributions to modern theories of limited, liberal government. Water: Find long and short save, water Articles of 300, 500, 600 and 800 Words for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Class 12 Students.

  6. Save, earth, essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and. Find long and short essay on save, earth for your Kids, Children and Students. Learn the secret to nailing a short Essay for your College Applications. Students applying to college often spend most of their energy on their core essay for The common Application or larger universities. Advertisements: read this short essay on Is Science boon or Bane we live in the era of modernism and technology.

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