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my writing portfolio

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In English at Virginia commonwealth University. "Until I began at the muse, writing was something I did for myself only, and something I never considered to be a skill or talent of mine. I had also never taught anyone successfully in my life. My writing classes helped me realize that I could do something real with words, and improv classes allowed me many opportunities to teach improv, and I discovered that I loved both. Because of this, Im now studying to be a teacher, in order to teach teenagers the power of words—comedic words, foreign words, poetic words, the works. Its my dream." Karen Tatum : undergraduate student, pursuing Masters degree in writing at Johns Hopkins University.

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I am thrilled to begin my journey as an mfa candidate at odu in Creative writing, nonfiction, this August. I am also honored to serve as the instructor for the journaling for Creative and Personal Growth class at the muse this fall. The muse has offered invaluable opportunities to connect with other writers both informally and through their fantastic community programs such as readings and gatherings. Attending the awp conference with the muse crew was an inspiring and humbling experience. Were it not for the muse, i would still be cowering before my first drafts, afraid to make a paper sound. Instead, i am taking steps toward the career of my dreams, as both a student and teacher of writing." Congratulations to our Winners! In cinema, fashion design, and creative writing at Old Dominion University. "The muse fosters my talents and challenges me to become a better artist. Since i was twelve, my dream has been to be part of the film industry. The muse has encouraged me to try art forms like acting and screenwriting. The muse has given me a safe environment to explore my creative potential." Tessa solee : undergraduate student, pursuing.

"As an entering college freshman i am not entirely sure of my career path, but The muse has inspired me and encouraged me to pursue my passion through a creative writing minor, and possibly a career as an author. The muse has taught me how to accept and use constructive criticism, how to combine imagery and dialogue, and most importantly how to believe in myself and my craft." Sheila Sheppard : graduate student, pursuing. F.A in Creative writing (nonfiction) at Old Dominion University. "When I began taking workshops at the muse in the summer of 2014, i had never written anything that scared. I was too concerned about what everyone would think, though i knew I had to overcome my fear if I were ever to write anything worth reading. The muse gave me the courage to search for my own voice, and to admit that the writing path, however daunting, was one i truly wanted to walk. Thanks to the feedback and support of my teachers and fellow workshop participants, i was able to slowly build a portfolio for my graduate school applications.

my writing portfolio

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The muse is a gathering place for exploration, and I plan to become a part of organizations like the muse to help continue nurturing young and old writers with essays their craft." Congratulations to our Winners! Evan Hartley : undergraduate student, pursuing. In theater, cinema, and creative writing at Old Dominion University. "The muse has definitely influenced my career choice. When I first started classes at the muse i was encouraged by michael to start taking improv comedy. Through improv comedy i found my preferred genre of writing. I want to write for television because of The muses encouragement and support." Rhiannon Harvey : undergraduate student, pursuing. At duke university with a minor in creative writing.

Now, it is something i know I will never give up again." Amanda huynh : graduate student, pursuing. F.A in Creative writing (poetry) at Old Dominion University. "It has been refreshing working at The muse as well as being a muse student. My current workflow life revolves around creative writing in academia, but theres so much more to the art of writing than what one learns within academia. For instance, the dos and donts of copy editing or the art behind public speaking, and outside of that, theres even rediscovering the joy of writing. Sometimes writing can become so cumbersome that we, as writers, forget why we ventured into this field. Im reminded of the creative power found in children writing poetry or stories. The past two years ive had the chance to work with children and young adults with their own creative writing in houston as well as in Norfolk, and its been inspiring and motivating.

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my writing portfolio

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I was comfortable at The muse. That comfort is what drove me to enter Columbia universitys mfa program. While Im a student at Columbia i will be equipping myself with the network and skills I need as a writer and citizen of the literary world. Ill be bringing everything I learn back to virginia. Ultimately, i want to help writers like myself who come from rural areas. There is not enough emphasis on the arts where i come from in Virginia (Surry county).

I know Ill be writing, but one of the goals Im looking forward to reaching the most is giving back to the community i come from. I have begun working on a cross-platform program that helps foster creative writing in rural communities." Jason Huff : undergraduate student, pursuing a transfer degree at Tidewater Community college, with the goal of a ba (English) and an mfa in Creative writing. "Since taking classes and workshops at the muse, i have been able to reevaluate my life and goals, and was inspired by the teachers there to pursue my dream of becoming a high school literature teacher. I really want to help teenagers find a productive and creative outlet for any hardship they may be going through, and it was writing that helped me through my high school years. I had lost that dream over several years of not writing, but within three how sessions plan at the muse, i felt the fire return.

I applied for the low-residency program at West Virginia wesleyan and was accepted. So the muse has had a direct impact on my decision to attend graduate school. Without the muse, i may never have seen or realized how right an mfa program was for. I am grateful for this community!". Sarah Philpott : undergraduate student, pursuing a ba in English/Creative writing at Hollins University. "The muse has made me confident in my writing, in who i am, and the style i write.

I wouldn't have dared to go for a creative writing major, let alone write a book, with out them. I owe them so much. Jarrod Mitchell Harrison : graduate student, pursuing. F.A in Creative writing (fiction) at Columbia university. "The muse offered me a model for the type of literary community ive yearned for over the years. When I came to the muse i was in the middle of applying to schools and I wanted feedback on some of my older work. After the last session, i knew that I would carry a bit of the muse around with me forever.

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I have met people throughout the community, and this networking has helped pays me understand how I can use my academic knowledge to help create or contribute to cultural programs to touch everyday people, not just those inside of the "ivory" tower. The muse has also helped me learn how to communicate that academic information in a way that is accessible to everyone, so it does not get lost in the literary showboating which often characterizes academia. Though i am still unsure what my choice of career will be in the future, i am slowly letting go of the clout of an academic teaching position, and I hope to work in some aspect of a foundation, arts nonprofit, or historical organization.". Megan Mann : graduate student, pursuing an mfa in Creative writing at West Virginia wesleyan College. "I started taking classes at the muse last fall, after a long hiatus from and writing. Im a stay-at-home parent and my kids were finally old enough and independent enough for me to focus again on my first love, poetry. Being at the muse in a workshop setting was really affirming. I fell in love with poetry all over again. Then suzanne Rhodes, one of my muse teachers, encouraged me to pursue my mfa.

my writing portfolio

These scholarships are available to current and past students at the muse Writers Center and to help pay a portion of their tuition/expenses for beginning or continuing undergraduate or graduate study in creative writing or a related field. You can help make a difference by donating to the scholarship fund. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Application deadline is August 31, 2018. We will award three 500 scholarships for each coming academic year. Congratulations to our Winners! Amanda gomez : graduate student, pursuing an mfa in Creative writing (poetry) at Old Dominion University. "The muse has shown me how to apply my degree outside of the academic realm.

to first-time applicants. Applications are accepted year-round. Download the application (Word). Scholarships for Muse Students for College and Graduate School. The muse Writers Center is excited to announce the establishment of the. Joan Rorke-mcClure futures Scholarships through a generous donation from William McClure. Joan Rorke-mcClure was a leading physician, lover of education, and friend to The muse who always encouraged and helped foster a passion for learning.

The muse Writers Center is very pleased and proud to announce the creation. The julia hislop Conference craft development Fund. Named in honor of a fine writer and longtime friend of The muse, the fund will support writers in their ongoing education through participation in writers conferences and other craft-development opportunities. Julia hislop was a life-long learner who believed everyone should try new things, explore new interests, and rejoice in learning. These scholarships are available to current and past students at the muse Writers Center to help pay a portion of their tuition, expenses, and/or conference fees. Please contact the office for more information. Donations to the fund are very welcome, and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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Tuition Assistance for Muse Classes, the muse Writers Center is honored and grateful to announce the establishment of the. Dakota Anne Chacon tuition Assistance fund. The tuition Assistance fund will allow The muse to offer our community writing classes to students regardless of their ability to pay tuition. To date, the fund has provided tuition assistance to hundreds of students and has received patriotism donations from hundreds of additional generous persons. Please contact the office for more information or to apply (you will be asked to volunteer in exchange for receiving tuition assistance). " target blank" title"Donate to the muse Writers Center" Donations to the fund are very welcome, and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Scholarships for Muse Students for Conferences craft development.

My writing portfolio
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  7. The muse, writers Center is a 501c3 non-profit corporation which provides a center for writers of all ages and experience. We offer a resource center, readings, and events as well as poetry, fiction, memoir, creative-non fiction, children's book, playwriting, screenplay, comic book, grammar, and one-on-one classes.

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