Resume for matrimonial for male

resume for matrimonial for male

Biodata format for Marriage

a b heidi rika maria pauwels, The goddess as role model: Sītā and Rādhā in scripture and on screenOxford scholarship online, oxford University Press us, 2008, isbn. Love-cum-arranged marriage, also known as "assisted" marriage, seeking to "combine" the best of both types. Addressing the false dichotomy of love and arranged marriage. a b Bhanwarlal Nathuram Luniya, evolution of Indian culture, from the earliest times to the present day, lakshini narain Agarwal, 1967. The swayamvara system of later times was, thus, foreshadowed in the vedic times. 'The woman, gentle in nature and graceful in form, selects from among many, her own loved one as her husband.'.

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38 39 Opinion is mixed on the implications of this change: "for traditionalists the rising numbers portend the breakdown of society while, for some modernists, they speak of a healthy new empowerment for women." 39 However, there are no credible research reports or surveys that. See also edit general: References edit love vs arranged marriages Archived 4 December 2008 at the wayback machine., keisha Shakespeare a b Dale hoiberg, Indu ramchandani, students' Britannica India: Select essays, popular Prakashan, 2000, isbn. It was widely expected that the custom of "arranged marriage so called, would decline as India modernized and as an individualistic ethos took root. Vast majority (over 90) of marriages in all communities. a b c The Brahmavadin, volume 5,. In ancient times, when the country was governed by hindu kings, the Swayamvara system of marriage was very common. It is the system of free, choice by the maiden of a husband. a b george monger, marriage customs of the world: from henna to honeymoons, abc-clio, 2004, isbn. If a girl was not married by puberty, she would soon find a lover, no matter how closely her parents "protected" her. Seymour, susan Christine seymour, women, family, and child care in India: a world in transition, cambridge University Press, 1999, isbn. In trying to better understand why most young, highly educated women I have known in Bhubaneswar continued to prefer arranged marriages over love marriages.

Families usually attempt to maintain a high level of cordiality in these interactions, often invoking the idea of sanjog (predestined relationship, roughly equivalent to the idea that " marriages are made in heaven to defuse any sense of rancor or rejection. 34 An engagement ceremony or a pre-engagement ceremony (such as roka ) follows. In urban areas, the future spouses are often expected to go out on dates and develop a romantic relationship in the period between their engagement and their wedding. 35 In more conservative rural areas, a period of greater freedom in interaction, or even romantic courtship, between the man and woman follows. Though dating may not be socially permissible, nonetheless the couple may talk over the phone. 36 Low incidence of divorce in India edit In India, marriage is thought to be for life, 37 and the divorce rate is extremely retrolisthesis low. Only.1 of marriages in India result in a divorce compared with over.8 in the United States, though the Indian figure appears to be rising.

resume for matrimonial for male

Biodata format For Marriage (7 Samples 2 Bonus Word Templates!)

E., both the boy and working girl are expected to similarly meet with other potential partners at this stage. There is an expectation of total confidentiality. Families do not usually disclose who else is being considered for their son/daughter and expect reciprocal confidentiality from the other party. If there is interest from both sides, the matchmaker passes the word to them. If the families are unfamiliar with each other or live in areas far apart, they will frequently launch inquiries through their social and kin networks, attempting to gather as much independent information as possible about the prospective partner. Since urban Indian nuclear families often lack these extensive networks, many private detective agencies have begun to offer "matrimonial investigation services" since the 1980s, which investigate the personal and professional histories of a prospective spouse for a fee. 32 33 Engagement edit Once there is mutual agreement between the prospective bride and groom that they would like to marry, and no red flags have emerged about either party in the inquiries conducted formally or informally, the other prospective spouses are declined and their.

29 30 Exchange of photographs/information with prospective matches edit The matchmaker identifies a set of potential matches and, based on mutual agreement between families, it is customary for an exchange of photographs and some documentation of the factors being considered (for instance, astrological charts. These items are usually returnable if the match does not proceed: In those scenarios, families customarily cooperate to eliminate any trace of a matchmaking conversation between them. 31 The son/daughter reviews the information and photographs, with input from the family and friends, and shortlists a few for in-person meetings. Meeting prospective spouses edit If the prospective partners express a desire to meet or if the families are enthusiastic about a potential match, it is customary for the prospective groom's family to visit the prospective bride's family. It is traditional for the boy's family to arrive (with the boy) and be seated with the entire girl's family except the girl, who then makes a dramatic entrance dressed in fine clothes, often bringing tea and refreshments. This practice is sometimes called "seeing the girl" and has been attacked by some Indian and pakistani feminists as a classic instance of gender-bias and the objectification of women. 26 During this visit, the boy and girl are often encouraged to meet and talk by themselves in a separate room. The families usually part after this initial meeting without any commitment made by either side and with the expectation that they will confer separately and send word through the matchmaker should they be interested in pursuing matters. These meetings are understood to be non-exclusive,.

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resume for matrimonial for male

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These considerations vary but can include religion : Marriages are usually arranged between individuals belonging to the same religion. Same-religion marriages are the norm in arranged marriages among higher caste people. Caste and culture : Usually, first preference is given to the same caste. The ancestry of the individual and the family's culture and traditions also play an important part. Usually, prospective spouses are looked for from families belonging to the same region and having the same language and food habits. Horoscope : Numerology and the positions of stars at birth is often used in Indian culture to predict the success of a book particular match. The higher the match percentage, the more successful will be the marriage.

Horoscope becomes a determining factor if one of the partners is Mângalik (lit., negatively influenced by mars ). Profession paper and status : The profession, financial position and the social status of the individual is also taken into account. This has a higher evaluation criteria in case of boys. Physical appearances of the individual is taken into account in some cases, more so for girls. 27 Matrimonial websites 28 frequently use some of these factors to enable prospective matches.

The initiation can occur when a parent or a relative (such as an aunt or an elder sister or sister-in-law) initiates a conversation on the topic or the son/daughter approaches the parent/relative and expresses the desire to be married. 23 This relative effectively acts as a sponsor, taking responsibility to get the boy/girl married to a good partner. 24 Finding a matchmaker edit If the son/daughter has an identified love interest, the sponsor often takes it upon themselves to try to orchestrate a match with that individual. If no such person exists, the sponsor begins the process of identifying suitable candidates. This is usually done via an intermediary matchmaker who has a social reputation for maintaining discretion and brokering successful weddings. 25 The sponsor approaches the matchmaker with a photograph and the child's horoscope.

The matchmaker is often an elderly socialite who is liked and widely connected to many families. 26 In some regions, specific professions are associated with matchmaking. For instance, in many parts of North India and pakistan, the local barber (or nai ) was a frequent go-between. 25 to avoid social embarrassments, complete secrecy is often maintained for any marriage discussions. 25 If no good matchmaker is accessible to the family, the family may resort to matrimonial advertising in newspapers or matrimonial websites. 22 26 Match criteria edit The family expresses their criteria for a good match to the matchmaker, which is usually heavily influenced by family considerations but also includes the personal preferences of the son/daughter.

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21 Another significant trend in arranged marriages is related to the loosening of traditional clan-bonds in India. Where potential spouses for sons and daughters were once identified through family and social relationships, they are increasingly being solicited through advertising because many urban parents no longer have the social reach that was a given before the rise of nuclear families in India. 22 With the advent of the internet, this has led to the rise of matchmaking websites such as m ( shaadi is the hindustani word for wedding which claims to be the largest matrimonial service in the world. 22 Self-arranged marriages edit It is increasingly common in India for a couple that has met by themselves and are involved romantically to go through the process of an arranged marriage with that specific partner in mind. Since arranged marriages result in a deep meshing and unification of extended families and are believed to contribute to marital stability, many couples orchestrate their marriages with each other through the processes of an arranged marriage. These marriages are often referred to as "self-arranged marriages" or "love-arranged marriages" in India. 6 The arranged marriage process edit Arranged marriages vary widely by region and community across the Indian subcontinent. The marriage process usually begin with a realization in the family that a child is old enough to marry. For a girl, it is during her graduation or early twenties; for a boy, it is after he is 'settled with a decent job and consistent earnings.

resume for matrimonial for male

16 As with other cultures, levirate marriages (where the brother of a deceased man is obligated to marry his widow) also became customary in some regions for all religious groups, partially to ensure that clan alliances and clan ownership of land rights remained intact even. 17 developments in the modern period edit with the expanding social reform and female emancipation that accompanied economic and literacy growth after independence, many commentators predicted the gradual demise of arranged marriages in India, and the inexorable rise of so-called " love marriages " (i.e. Where the initial contact with potential spouses does not involve the parents or family members). 2 That has not yet come to pass and the institution proved to be " remarkably resilient " in the Indian social context, though it has undergone radical change. 18 Commonly in urban areas and increasingly in rural parts, parents now arrange for marriage-ready sons and daughters to meet with multiple potential spouses with an accepted right of refusal. 19 These arranged marriages are effectively the result of a wide search by both the girl's family and the boy's family. 20 Child marriages are also in steady decline and deemed unlawful in India (with legal age of marriage at 21 years for men and 18 years for women so the term "arranged marriage" now increasingly refers to marriages between consenting adults well past the age. 19 due to this, a strong distinction is now drawn by sociologists and policymakers between arranged marriages (which involve consenting adults that have choice and unhindered rights of refusal) and forced marriages.

of promiscuity " which, at best, were only suitable for small sections of society. 8 Under the system they advocated (sometimes called Manuvad women were stripped of their traditional independence and placed permanently in male custodianship: first of their fathers in childhood, then of their husbands through married life, and finally of their sons in old age. 9 It is also speculated that parental control of marriage may have emerged during this period as a mechanism to prevent the intermixing of ethnic groups and castes. 8 Early marriage, in which girls were married before they reached puberty also became prevalent, though not universal, over time. This emergence of early arranged marriages in the Indian subcontinent was consistent with similar developments elsewhere, such as Indonesia, various Muslim regions and south Pacific societies. Commentators on both Hindu and European Jewish communities (where early arranged marriages had also gained prevalence) have hypothesized that the system may have emerged because "the answer to the raging hormones associated with teenage sexuality was early, arranged marriage." 4 13 With kinship groups being. Where specific alliances were socially preferred, often an informal right of first refusal was presumed to exist. For instance, marriages between cousins is permissible in Islam (though not in most Hindu communities and the girl's mother's sister (or khala ) was considered to have the first right ( pehla haq ) to "claim" the girl as for her son (the khalazad bhai. 15 Systems such as watta satta (exchange marriages, which occur in rural Punjab ) evolved where two families unite by exchanging women in two brother-sister pairs through marriage.

Rama your and, sita ). In a swayamvara, the girl's parents broadcast the intent of the girl to marry and invited all interested men to be present in a wedding hall on a specific date and time. 3 7, the girl, who was also often given some prior knowledge about the men or was aware of their general reputation, would circulate the hall and indicate her choice by garlanding the man she wanted to marry. Sometimes the father of the bride would arrange for a competition among the suitors, such as a feat of strength, to help in the selection process. 3 7, another variant was the, gandharva marriage, which involved simple mutual consent between a man and a woman based on mutual attraction and no rituals or witnesses. The marriage of Dushyanta and Shakuntala was an example of this marriage. 8 As the vedic religion evolved into classical orthodox Hinduism (ca.

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Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent is a tradition in the societies of the Indian subcontinent, and continue to account for an overwhelming majority of marriages in the. 1, despite the fact that romantic love is "wholly celebrated" in both Indian mass media (such. Bollywood ) and folklore, and the arranged marriage tradition lacks any official legal recognition or support, the institution has proved to be " surprisingly robust " in adapting to changed social circumstances and has defied predictions of decline as India modernized. 2, arranged marriages are believed to have initially risen to prominence in the Indian subcontinent when the historical Vedic religion gradually gave way life to classical Hinduism (the. 500 bce period substantially displacing other alternatives that were once more prominent. 3 4, in the urban culture of modern India, the differentiation between arranged and love marriages is increasingly seen as a " false dichotomy " with the emergence of phenomena such as "self-arranged marriages" and free-choice on the part of the prospective spouses. 5 6, contents, history edit, the Indian subcontinent has historically been home to a wide variety of wedding systems. Some were unique to the region, such. Swayamvara (which was rooted in the historical Vedic religion and had a strong hold in popular culture because it was the procedure used.

Resume for matrimonial for male
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  5. Gotra system is used in Hindus, especially Brahmins to maintain a strict male lineage. What is the Science behind this system? What are the rules and advantages of the gotra system? Arranged marriages are traditional in south Asian society and continue to account for an overwhelming majority of marriages in the Indian subcontinent. Despite the fact that romantic love is "wholly celebrated" in both Indian mass media (such as Bollywood) and folklore, and the arranged marriage tradition lacks any official legal recognition.

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